Content DJ

I've been reading the classic business and productivity books and found a recurring theme that top performers in their niche (ex. Fortune 500 company) have to consume large amounts of data and make quick decisions on the fly. They move quickly and adjust along the way.

These decision makers rely on a linchpin, DJ, curator, or subject matter expert. 

This is an older TED video from 2010 which is still relevant today.

Through out history and with the digital revolution we believe that we are global. It is the opposite.

80% of social media communication is via handheld devices. Users are increasingly searching for people, connections, and content that shares their own world views. 

So what does a DJ have to do with all of this? Being a curator or DJ produces relevent useful content to their tribes. They become an indispensable resource. 

This video describes the impact of a curator or DJ and how they can help, lead, or shape the future of content.