The Magic of Thinking Big

If nothing in life has meaning, until we give it meaning, then we shouldn’t give away the control ... and use that power.

If our body is a vehicle, we steer the wheel by what we think about. 


 “People are not measured in inches or pounds or college degrees, or family background; they are measured by the size of their thinking. How big we think determines the size of our accomplishments. Now let’s see how we can enlarge our thinking.”

- Magic of Thinking Big (Pg 76)


Our goals, dreams, and aspirations are always limited by our minds, our thinking, and therefore our bodies.

From my perspective, I know I have to go and pay my parking ticket, pickup my kids (what happened to school buses?), be at John’s for an event, and finish up a proposal for a customer while responding to messages and making sure I have the energy and time management to complete all of this. 

The only limit is my body. All are easy to do, but take time and attention away from other things.  

I’m limited by the attention that I can give them (Tim Ferris has the “limited choice lifestyle” that I use to basically do more, with less tasks).

I know I can get someone else to do it, but from experience, I will still end up in situations like this. 

After reading the Tao Te Ching, I realized that our bodies are our biggest limitation. It needs to be fed, sheltered, grateful, etc or it can lose its direction. 

Maslow hierarchy of needs: A perspective on the needs of the human

Maslow hierarchy of needs: A perspective on the needs of the human

What gives me motivation, fulfillment, through my biggest hurdles in life is a big picture or big idea that was in the back of my mind, and choosing to do the things that ‘matter the most’ or are the most valuable towards my “ultimate self expression”. This mixed with morning rituals and limited choice lifestyle, has helped move the needle. 

Realizing that America has a housing problem was an eye opener for me.

1 out of 3 Americans make $36000 or less per year.

Which means they can only afford around 25% of their income towards housing. According to FHA new home loan guidelines, only 25% of monthly income can go towards housing. 

That means only $750 per month available for housing. US average rent is $900-1100 . So I knew, that if I made it my goal to accelerate affordable housing using the latest technology, design, and social media, I will make a difference in a family’s life.

1/3 Americans is over 100,000,000 people that can’t afford the housing due to a limited number of houses. Most new homes and apartments (especially in Southern California) is luxury. That’s ok, because the market demands it. However, we need real options to increase housing units. This is what gets me through a tough electrical or plumbing issue. Or an angry customer, knowing that my end goal will serve the people. 

We are going to start a Tiny House Enthusiast group with meetups in the Orange County area it will be in first quarter of 2019. (We have a lot of support so far!)

The future of affordable pre-made housing with smaller footprints. 

The future of affordable pre-made housing with smaller footprints. 

We hope that building connections around a common need of “designer-lifestyle-small-footprint-homes” is just one little step towards a shift into bigger thinking. Expressing more ourselves, with less.