#SIDEBAR: Family first


This is a not so cheery post. I understand that I'm late to post today.

Family first:



My grandfather is in the hospital in Los Angeles and that has been occupying my time today.

Like much of my family, he had his own struggles as a child.

He lost both of his parents before the age of 12 and had to be self reliant from an early age.

He has diabetes...but he's STRONG, and he's where I get my confidence from. He is the bond that keeps our family together and he gave me my name when I was born in Africa.

He spent a lot of time with us when we were younger and I'm grateful to have him be in my life.  





P.S. For a little morning motivation, here's a thought provoking look at how success is through effort, and how you can apply it.

This is a perfect addition to the visionary Monday's video series. This is with John Legend and Sal Khan's, Khan Academy YouTube channel. Hope you enjoy it.