#042: Is Fame an Illusion?


The biggest fear of famous people is becoming irrelevalant.

I mean the same fear as well. I always to feel like a player in the field.

But in the book Outsiders, they discuss how the most effective CEO’s in the world, happened to be more engineer minded and not famous. They actually found that fame had no relavence to their success. Making public appearances to show their connection to the community wasn’t apart of their strategy.

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle, is one of the wealthiest people in the world, but only has a few public interviews on YouTube.

Is fame a side

I’ve always wondered if fame was worth it? you know, being known by alot of people, being a huge audience to speak to sell to, and communicate with.

The biggest fear for someone with fame, is to lose the fame.

The #1 desire

With so much of our youth focused on fame, I thought I would share a paragraph from Bruce Lee’s book Striking Thoughts. 

Bruce Lee says Fame is an illusion.  

What is an illusion?



He believes that fame does not have correlation with success in life. It doesn’t solve a pain or problem (other than maybe boredom) and there is a false idea or belief. 


The truth is fame gets you attention. 

Humans love to get attention, it starts with being a kid and wanting attention from our parents. It’s built into us. 

He reminds us that all humans enjoy the flatteries of stardom, but reminds us that it’s a game. 

One day people will act like your “pals” and the next day they move on to the next “winner”. 

Fame is a fleeting thing. One day it’s there, and then next people move on. It’s not built on a strong foundation of value.

Fame should be a side effect of getting attention for what you do great but not the actual goal. 

Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Kobe Bryant did not contrived ways to become famous. Instead, they became famous by doing things over and over again to become the greatest in what they do. 

When will the need to chase fame stop? When you decide to stop engaging in it and focusing on the journey and not the end result.