Timeblocking with a G Shock

March 10: My Casio G Shock counting down while I write this post. 

March 10: My Casio G Shock counting down while I write this post. 

One common problem I hear among my peers is that I don't have time to do anything. I go to work, come home, eat and don't have much else time. 

As I've heard from all my mentors, you have time for everything, but you need to create time

Based on the routines in The Power of Full Engagement, once you create time, then we can easily output our powerful energy in fast time blocks. 

In today's world full of distractions and cell phone addiction, in my opinion, getting things done first thing in the morning, helps breakthrough the noise. You get things done before the minutia of the day attacks you.

Like a high-performance battery, high-performance athletes and people need to recharge their batteries. Working longer than 100-120 mins at a time will hinder your performance. Take a break and go back at it. 

1. Why do my best work in 60/60/30 chunks? 

A) Like a fresh blank piece of paper, the time block gives you enough time and space to work in. 

B) According to studies in The Power of Full Engagement, the humanoid body, like a battery, depletes of focusing power after 100-120 minutes of prolonged output. 

This then requires around 20-30 minutes to recharge your batteries.

I've applied this effectively in my life with my morning ritual. I am good from about 5 am - 1 pm until I start seeing my focus and will power start to deplete. Some days are better and I may go the whole day. One thing I know for sure, I need the 30 minute breaks. I've worked 12 hours straight before without any breaks, and I feel the quality of the work wasn't as good as a solid 6 hours of 60/60/30's. 

During my breaks, I like to close my eyes and breathe (without picking up my smartphone) or eat fruits, vegetables, or a blended raw juice. 

Based on the book, The Power of Full Engagement, I work in 30 minute interval bursts.

Sprint in full engagement toward your #1 daily goals.

Sprint in full engagement toward your #1 daily goals.

In a nutshell:

  1. 120 mins work (hard fast, and focused work).
  2. 30 mins break (drink 500 ml water, drink juiced drink or close eyes and breathe)

In the book, they discuss how the body functions in rhythms and how it's important for high-performers and pro-athletes to take breaks to rejuvenate their bodies. Kind of like a battery. You need to recharge every 120 mins. 

I leave my heavy flashy "look at me" watches at home, and use the Casio G shock on a daily basis in 30 minute countdowns. It works great. I also use a Time Timer countdown clock on my desk. 

Do this yourself: 

  1. Buy Casio G shock from Amazon.com. This is the one I have, it's only $42, and it's rugged enough for me to keep on when I swim, shower, hike, etc. I also love the low-key matte black finish.
  2. Set it to 30 minute countdown timer.
  3. Get up and go do your high-leveraged task. 

This is what my "60/60/30" time block looks like for me: 

1. 30 minutes fast work, timer goes off I hit start/stop for another 30 minutes. I like that it reminds me that 30 minutes have gone by, I then take a 5 minute break with water or wash my face off, then I go in for #2. 

2. Another, 30 mins fast work. Take 5 minute break.

3. 30 minutes fast work. Take 5 minute break. 

4. 30 minutes fast work. 

5. Take 30 minute break


My desktop background.

My desktop background.

Download this free wallpaper for your desktop to remember to work in 60/60/30 blocks.