Personal memo: 3 words that I will live by this year


3 words for the year:


Why choose 3 words to live by?: 

In our daily lives, as things are moving so fast, we need to stick to simple real principles. Every year is different, and this year I want to stick to these 3 words.  

These are the 3 words that I will live by this year to implement these needs: 

1. Value

Most tasks in a business don't make money. The ones that do, are in marketing and product creation.

All other tasks, although important, don't translate into money.

Value is defined as something that is a pain or problem for your client, and my job will be to create a solution around that. That is value. 

2. Speed

Success loves speed.

When you work fast, many things happen. You appear smarter, harder working, and which actually creates results faster. 

How can I work faster? As the book describes, The Checklist Manifesto, checklists speed up the process and increase the quality of the end product. 

Goal: When a high-priority project comes in, I want to be in position to take action faster. I want to act quicker on a daily basis in my personal and professional life. 

3. Rituals

In my journey, I've learned the hard way, the value of routines. As checklists speed up stuff, positive rituals improve the quality of our life.

We are a sum of good and bad habits. 

The routines actually allow you to be creative in your day by having your daily tasks automated.

Waking up in the morning on auto pilot is a beautiful thing.

I will update my blog at the end of the year with how these words created an impact for the year. 

How I will apply it:  

Once I get stuck on a problem or decision, I will revert to these 3 words.


P.S. I was looking through my New Year's Day journal and I forgot to post this. My goal is to acquire an additional 300 units or better. If this goal is not met, then $12,000 or better in income stream cash flow by the end of 2015 and increase readership up to 1000 readers on my blog.