Creative deal making attracts money

Seasoned and new investors put an emphasis on raising private money to close more deals. However, it is often overlooked that you can get into deals with a creative deal structure...this also attract investors because you may not have to deal with banks. The easy contract terms attract buyers and investors like magnets and also helps sellers get rid of their properties quicker. 

Want to test this quickly? Test it on craigslist.

Create an ad on craigslist with seller financing and see what happens. I created an ad for rent to own homes in Amarillo, TX and got 20-30 calls in 7 days. I tried it for an apartment building and I received 3-5 calls daily. 

Investors love to close without having to deal with red tape from banks.

Who doesn't?

Your "loan approval" comes from the seller. By building a connection with the seller, is all you need to get past the finish line. Handle their trust with care.