Create clarity, not noise.

People are looking for clarity.

A clear safe place to shove a stake into the group and raise their flag. A good foundation.

Seek to give them that. 

1. Noise, where are we now?

A) Why should we care about noise?

Because there are more people posting content everyday.

Huge companies are flooding the market with flashy content with big budgets (yes fortune 500 companies...I'm looking at you).

But people want to speak to humans, not companies.

This is your clear advantage 

B) Also, everyone has a smart phone, which is a beautiful thing.

However, lots of noise, it's so easy to post to social media platforms. It's a swipe and a tap away. Another advantage. 

2. How can I apply minimalism right now?

A) What if you practiced clarity by implementing a little excercise today?

Mindset doesn't change behavior. It sparks it once or twice.

B) True change is when you change your behavior.

Then your mindset changes. 

C) It starts with one step.  Avoid getting sucked into the feed of who's getting married to who, who just bought a new pacifier for their baby, and who just got a shiny new car. 

3. Start now:

You are already geared to use google, so use your phone's internal search instead.  



Exercise #1: Search Method + Stress Free Home Screen = Clarity

You are already geared to use google, so use search instead. 

  1. Excercise 2, enjoy the essentials of your home screen. move apps away from home screen: Make your home screen only the essentials, force yourself to use the iPhone search tool. 
  2. You are already geared to use google, so use search instead. 

Exercise #2: Turn off Notifications

Why?: Less interruptions, more focus by turning off notifications. Focus on getting your #1 major task done before checking email.

How?: for iPhone users: 

  • settings > notifications  
  • for Android users apply the same concept

P.S. If you want to focus on your 1 highly leveraged thing before everyone else wakes up, check out the #PWRUP morning ritual.