#017: Are aesthetics important for content creators?

Are aesthetics valuable for your brand?

I remember in the past, thinking all day about what I want to write about. I remember the feeling of excitement while creating the piece of content imaging how it would feel like after I would upload it. I would research the topic, felt confident on what I wrote…I can do this, I thought to myself. But somewhere along the way I get stuck. ”Hmm…something about the way it looks...it’s just not perfect”. Then I get tired, fall asleep. Days pass by and I forget the energy that drove me to publish in the first place. Those feelings of excitement become feelings of regret. All because I didn’t post!

So looking back was aesthetics worth it? You know, putting the effort into making my content look great? I say no, it wasn’t. I should’ve just posted.

According to Pat Flynn, aesthetics held him back from growing his YouTube Channel. He said he wanted everything to be perfect before he uploaded any video content. He said the number one reason for doubling his YouTube Subscriber base was uploading consistent videos to YouTube.

In my research, I found many other YouTube video creators describe how uploading consistently was the main reason for channel growth.

Seth Godin says the reason why we're scared to hit the publish button is we fear the world judging us. Might have to remind myself of this post next time I feel stuck.