The Consumer of 2020: Is looking for cheap or high-end premium products. Not much in between.

I find this interesting and you might as well.

Bain & Company did a recent report (yes Mitt Romney's company) on the future of global consumerism with US shoppers being able to pay around $200. 

Value vs High-End

It's called "The Consumer of 2020", which is saying that shoppers of the near-future will be looking for the most value for their dollar (think wal-mart) or just simply high end. Meaning the typical 18-34 year old shopper will get a nice cheap handbag that "goes awesome with her shoes" or just high-end brand name.

Hard to define  

These consumers will be difficult to pinpoint if they are wealthy or "low-income bracket" just by looking at deep big data is required by Fortune 500 companies to categorize buyers to determine their wants and needs. 

To relate this to the common shopper of today is like buying a Honda and wanting all the bells and whistles for $30,000 which will make it a far better deal than a base BMW 3 series for $35,000.


On a global scale, It's no surprise that demographics are shifting towards Asia (60% world population in Asia) and a more "diverse" consumer base.

With social media platforms making the world smaller and streamlining communication, companies are looking to target these expanding markets.  

No apartments for middle class

We are seeing the same in buying and selling apartments and houses. New Housing units in markets like San Francisco, New York City, Dallas, Chicago are geared towards A-class high-end. There's high demand for Or the sub $36,000 crowd, a population of 105 million people in the US.

In the next 5-20 years there will be no shortage of demand for low-income  housing for the value-based customer. 

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