#004: Most of the things you do, don’t work. Let go.


Most things don't work. 

Most things that you do, produce no value.

Only few things do work, and therefore produce value. 

Finding something that works is valuable, in itself. 

Realizing you are lucky to have found it. 

You are at the right place at the right time.

This is the moment to invest 1000x energy. We know it works. 

When something doesn’t work, get rid of it so you can put your attention on something that works.  

Leaders in their field learn what not to do, by testing a lot of things until they find something that does work.

An excercise...

By removing things in one area of your life, it will reflect in other parts of your life.

For example:

What 3 items in your closet have you not worn in the last 6 months? (If you removed it from your closet, would you even notice?)

By consistently removing wasteful things from your life, will benefit other aspects of your life. You will become lighter.