4 Projects: new content on its way...excited!

As a way to follow my philosophy of being as transparent as possible and share tools and resources to help you make bigger contributions, I wanted to quickly check-in and let you know a taste of things to come on my blog for 2015.

These are 4 ongoing self-development experiments and real estate projects that I'm extremely passionate about. 

1. Cold shower challenge:


I am halfway through a 30-day cold shower challenge. I feel that my experiences may benefit you with mindset, productivity, and facing daily fears. Yea, cold showers are that amazing. It's been priceless to me and also has been a tool for my New Years resolution of waking up at 5 am everyday. Looking forward to sharing.

2. Juicing


A lot of my friends are asking about how I juice. I wanted to share my experiences in replacing my morning breakfast with juicing and what vegetables worked for me. I'm waiting on my new juicer, so I don't want to post until I get it!

3. 18-unit Apartment Building: 


As a lot of my readers are from our local clubs and contacts I've worked with in the past, this one is for you. I've kept most of my projects private to protect partners, lenders, and residents, but I wanted to share my special journey in acquiring an 18-unit apartment building and rehabbing it into a long-term reliable income stream. 

4. Coach / Accountability Partner 


I was having trouble keeping my word on commitments, so after LOTS of back and forth I decided to hire a professional coach. He has helped me produce results in many areas of my life  by just checking in with me everyday at 11:15 am. 

Can't wait to update you. I have a few other secret surprises lined up as well.

Stay tuned!