#001: Bringing Dreams into Reality. One day at a time

Today’s photo credit:  Brandon Woelfel

Today’s photo credit: Brandon Woelfel


The act of comparing ourselves and judging ourselves is the energy killer. It’s what kills our dreams. Our school systems by design, instill comparison and judgement program in us. “I don’t care if everyone else loses as long as I get an A”

The conflict we face everyday on social media is we see the success of others and we think they are so far ahead of us and there’s no way we can achieve their success. This comparison.

It will take too long and people will laugh at me during the process. 

It’s simply not true. That person is human like you. They just happened to put in more work than you and have a result to show for it. Lebron James is great at basketball, but while his attention is on playing the game, there are things he can’t be great at. Where focus grows, attention follows.

Every successful person put in years in their craft to get to where they are. We may only see them excelling in their craft without the hard work they put in before it.  

What I wish I learned at a younger age was to appreciate the success of others and to learn from their experience. It’s usually the mistakes that made them who they are.

That’s why, the only person you are truly against is yourself. That voice in your head that says you can’t do it when you wake up. No matter if you are rich or poor, we all face this voice every morning.

Instead of thinking of serving everyone, just serve 1 person. Learn from them and make it better the next day. Do this over and over again as you improve your craft.

Eventually someone will see what you’re doing and think wow how did you get so good? Is there a way that I could help you get to where you want to go?

It compounds, one day at a time. Serving one moment at a time.