Being remarkable vs becoming a commodity


The biggest myth I see floating around today in marketing is the idea of meeting expectations.

There's no such thing as meeting expectations. You either exceed them or you fall short. With our world being more connected than ever before, 60-80% of customers describe themselves as satisfied or highly satisfied then later moving on to talking about the flaws of other products and brands. "Meeting expectations" is no longer an option and does not exist. 

Another myth is trying to be all things to all people. The customer consciously or unconsciously will be looking for alternatives. Instead of giving your customers a "spec product" on what you told them you would do, find the 2-3 things that it would take to be remarkable and exceed expectations.  

In the end, business is about creating and keeping customers so customer experience should be priority #1 in your marketing. Stop focusing on the "two in the bush" (prospects) and first take care of the one in your hand (customers).

How to: 

Create an avatar of the customer:

  1. What is the #1 pain, frustration, or problem my client is facing?
  2. What is the one thing I could do today to solve this problem?
  3. What services or products can I create around the problem the customer is facing?
  4. What are other brands I could benchmark and model my service off of?