#013: What does Oprah, Instagram, Micro-Influencers and Crack have in common?

If instagram was alive back then, this vintage photo would be a post :)

If instagram was alive back then, this vintage photo would be a post :)

When I look through the lens of Instagram, knowing in the back of my mind, that a juicy Facebook algorithm is showing me the stuff that everyone (that I’m connected to) liked and commented on, makes me wonder how, as a growing online community, we can truly achieve organic discovery on these platforms. Especially when social media is designed to be more “addictive than crack”? 

Cyber Security expert, James Scott, says that our cell phones can be used for good or can be a surveillance tool. Agencies use spying tools that use your camera and microphone to ‘blackmail people of influence’.

He also says that Twitter and Facebook can “mute” trending hashtags that are organic if it doesn’t fit an agenda they believe in. At the end of the day, Facebook/instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are private corporations. So you’re only seeing what “they” want you to see.

Their version of what is beautiful.

They’re version of what they feel you should know. This is why I question anyone that gets their news from Facebook. I feel if I haven’t met someone with personal experience, it’s tough to trust any story until it is vetted. Anyone can write an article. Look at me, I just popped open a page and am hitting publish while sitting with my laptop in a random chair in California. I can write anything I want and hit publish.

Back to social media, constructing an identity online can be limiting if it’s fake. But rewarding if it’s real.

Eventually what you post becomes an online persona. either outsourcing your happiness to others to please them, or placeholders for you to remember an experience from the past. 

Gloucester/Ottawa, Canada 🇨🇦 1994

Gloucester/Ottawa, Canada 🇨🇦 1994


I see a future of human brands becoming more valuable than corporations. There will be "less “Proctor & Gamble” type corporations and more Jordan, Oprah, and Jake Paul type brands built around a community and tribe.

Social media removes the friction where we really get to know a person as if we grew up with them. Oprah said that the #1 reason she became so successful as a brand was because she worked everyday to spiritually “stay awake” spiritually and she said “people saw themselves in me” which was the 25-year success of her show.

It’s very easy to get sucked into addictive social media feedback loops that keep us addicted to a false image of life.

But over time, in the long run, we will go through our own seasons of life, where the firehose of information is too much, where eventually we unfollow everyone and only subscribe to those individuals that add value to my life. Who share their experience and teach us what they learned so you can save time and money which is valuable (value = solving a pain, problem, or gives massive pleasure)… and data is showing that we want it to be a human giving us this information, not McDonalds or Taco Bell.

A human who is like me, who has a personality to speak their mind, someone that I can can relate to, in a wholesale human way. 

This is why I see micro-influencers exploding all around the world. Why would someone in India, Bangladesh, Philippines, or Malaysia follow someone in the U.S. when they have an Oprah-type brand in their home country talking about the issues they deal with on a daily basis? 1/3 humans live in Asia.

Express yourself from your inner core while delivering something valuable. Trust yourself on your past experience and pave a path that you’re proud of.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.