#049: The Highest Potential of a Human = Teacher

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Teaching is assisting others in transition.

Recently I had this feeling that teachers are the leaders of the future. So I thought I would write about it.

I’ve always feared being vulnerable to market change. Becoming obsolete. It’s the type of fear that drives me to do stuff like blogging to write my ideas better.

What if..

As the Tibetan monks would say...the best use of our time is to reach our highest potential. Achieving ‘self-actualization’ or ‘enlightenment’

So the question is:

Would helping someone else reach their highest potential be the best use of my time?


I help someone get what they want and in turn I enjoy seeing someone else succeed.

Education is assisting people through transition.

2020+ will be a time to be great at transitions

Discussed in post #020…70 million jobs will NO LONGER EXIST due to automation in the next 5-10 years.

As jobs disappear, new job titles are created.

The old system needs an overhaul.  

Teachers are going on strike due to lack of funds.

We will end up looking for alternatives.

Like online “edu-tainment” to fill the void. Less friction. Don't have to show up to a class. Learn from home. 

Market has high demand for niches, but schools aren't able to supply the demand. 

Wired.com reports:

CompTIA projects that 1.8 million new tech jobs will be created between 2014 and 2024,

...colleges and universities are turning out 
28,000 computer-science graduates per year... according to Deloitte.

Where's the established school system? The wealthiest universities have money, but can't produce.

They became $26 billion richer last year.

But just a few Google searches reveal they can't serve the current demand for graduates with niche degrees. 

Niche = needs.  

This is the gold rush itself...according to Eben Pagan, in his recent book Opportunity, there will be an “education wealth transfer” to online schools.

I’ve personally found EXPERIENTIAL WORKSHOPS to be the fastest way to learn.

Pure accelerated learning.  

The leaders of the future will have access to a legion of students. They will be connected in their niche.

There’s nothing new under the sun and the ones with wisdom will to share, will become teachers, who will have influence in their niche.

The jedi masters.

The gurus.


How do we start ?

  1. Care about a subject. If you see yourself doing it for the next 5-10 years...even better.

  2. Summarize and curate the best content. Create an online system to store your library.

  3. Create a group and share education. An organizer automatically has authority. 

  4. Speak at a meetup.

  5. Speed of implementation: Assist your student to a small win ASAP.

If teaching is your calling, the consequences of not setting up a system to guide students through a curriculum results in a loss of a massive opportunity.

By not showing up, you can't help others in need.

No service delivered.

Especially, during a time they need you most. A transition. Therefore slowing down your student's highest potential.  

Choose yourself, curate, and lead others to the light.

At first you will suck, but you'll get better, over time. Rome wasn't built in one night. 


PURPOSE, EDU@helloswat