#033: Blog Update: After 33 days of "1 blog post per day"

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Hey it’s Swat! Welcome to my page. As of November 17, 2018 I’ve been posting one blog post per day for 32 days here at helloswat.com.

I’ve enjoyed offline journaling since 2013 as a way to start the day. I used apps like Evernote or Google Keep to capture my thoughts first thing in the morning as a “mind dump”.

But I realized something, I rarely went back and re-read what I wrote…but I kept adding to it, by now it’s probably several novels deep…anyone want to edit? I kid.

So the real question is, what’s the real value created if the content disappears in my journals?

Another challenge has been hitting the publish button. For fear of being judged by you, the reader, when I hit the publish button.

Things that go through my mind:

  • Why must I share this post?

  • What will the reader think?

These thoughts go away after you hit publish. Nothing is permanent, I can always go back and edit it. On to the next post.

We are creatures of habit, therefore we have the medicine to cure any pains or problems we face.

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect is the principle that our present reality is an outcome of the little, seemingly innocuous decisions that have added up to your current bank balance, waist line, business success, relationship status, etc.

If I can hit that publish button 100x, post #101-200 will be easier than post #1-100. Don’t break the chain.

Who is more skilled? One who posted 300x in one year or someone that posted 5x in 5 years? I feel with quality being equal, the one who posted 300x in 1 year has more “stage time” and has done it more often.

"Everyone should write a blog, every day, even if no one reads it. There’s countless reasons why it’s a good idea and I can’t think of one reason it’s a bad idea."

- Seth Godin

Daily posting also pushes your comfort zone where you learn something new everyday.

  1. Better words to write sentences.

  2. Better sentences to write paragraphs.

  3. Better paragraphs to write blog posts.

  4. Beginning with the end idea in mind for each paragraph.

  5. Seeing posts as chapters to a book (as of this post, still working on this)

  6. Using better authoritative links to prove a point.

  7. Story writing

These little things take time.

Text has further reach

With attention online going to photo, video, and short text message, I feel writing is underrated yet so powerful.

"Your podcast will reach more people than your book will. A blog post will reach more people than a podcast."

- Seth Godin

Take this post as an example. The words in this message total 6 KB in filesize and I wrote it on my laptop sitting here in Southern California on 12/19/18 at 4:33 PM. You’re reading it from where you are right now on a mobile or desktop device.

What’s the benefit of my own platform vs. medium/facebook/instagram?

It’s my own platform with no ads. I am free from distractions. notifications, algorithms, and social media pressures. It’s like off-grid content. Later if I want to distribute it, I can share it on major platforms. For now, I’m focused on building good habits one day at a time.

What’s it like posting daily so far after 32 days?

Writing has improved almost all other areas of my life.

Being on my own platform is therapeutic. To me, it feels like I’m a kid again with pure freedom. The opposite of what I feel when I write posts on Facebook or Instagram, which is why I’ve always captured a lot of video, photo, and journals but never felt the need to share it on social media.

I often start writing not knowing what the post will be about. After writing out the post, I remove the fat and hit publish.

I can see how bloggers recommend writing a weeks worth of posts ahead of time. I can see myself doing that down the road, but for now I am focused on the daily writing habit.

Moving forward

Being a D student in high school for writing, I challenged myself to become a better writer and editor by working out loud and publish what I write. For some reason, I feel there’s a power in being able to write exactly what you’re trying to say.

I hope that 1 post per day will improve my writing and allow me to produce ideas faster and in a more meaningful way.

Just got to hit publish.


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