7 Stages of Alchemy Transformation

I don’t think it’s an accident that kids love slime.

My daughter says, “she’s loves you mix stuff together and you get different colors and a stretchy slime”. 

The study of alchemy is interesting in this way. 

Why is this important? A different way of perceiving our life journey.

Like mixing slime, you mix or remove stuff and get something.

Seeing it from a chemical perspective 

It’s a framework for purifying soul, by seeing ourselves as just simple substances that go through chemical reactions.

We always think adding stuff. 


1. Calcination 

Chemical: heating until it becomes ashes 

Soul: Removing world attachment. Allow essence to come out. 

  • Letting go.
  • Disengage.
  • Minimalism.
  • Less is more.
  • Remove desire.
  • Removing  
  • Cleaning
  • Reducing  

2) Dissolution - Transparency brings forward hidden qualities 

A) chemical: Dissolve burnt ashes into water. 

B) Soul: 

  • letting go allows for new experiences  
  • resurfacing hidden parts of ourselves 
  • using systems and techniques to reveal and resurface what’s within



3) separation  






4) Conjunction - A union


A) Chemical: form a new substance from many parts. Like a liquid mixed from 100 liquids. 

B) Soul: Emergence. Comes from essence from multiple parts. operation of multiple concious and unconscious aspects. 1 movie with 10000 edits, and music. 

a new system from many parts, allows the side effect of success. Emergence. The new system is an essence of its multiple parts.  


5) Fermentation






6) Distillation 





7) Coagulation

A) Chemical: Transformation from liquid to solid state

B) Soul:

Perception without duality. Seeing through all levels of conciousness. Empathy. Accept ying and yang as one. Accepting that people in separation are on their journey, allow them to evolve at their own rate. operate as one humanity.