4 things I learned from posting on my blog

I still think that I'm experimenting with my blog. I always like to try new things to see what works. I then evolve on what works and quickly get rid of what doesn't. 

Here are 4 things that I learned so far from posting on my blog. 

  1. Don't take yourself too seriously: the best way to write is in free flow. Just let it go and let it out. The first few sentences may not be good but it forms an idea that can be developed into the post. Also, the delete key was made for a reason. Just get started. 
  2. Get into a publishing rhythm: Once you get started, the writing begins to flow. Like a muscle, writing needs to be worked on consistently. It takes time, but once the habit takes root you see things you haven't seen before a You see why one post worked better than another. You can only pick up this feedback by doing it. For me, I've also found early mornings 5-9 am or late at night between 10 pm-1 am work really well for writing. 
  3. Use scheduled posts: There may be times where you are on a roll and you could put together more than 1 post, use this opportunity to write out a post
  4. Write with purpose and real experience: Don't just write to write. Write with a purpose to benefit the reader. Share stories and real experience. Make it useful and think timeless. 

Thank you for all the feedback so far.

I've realized once you put your ideas out there you will find others who share the same views and resonate with you.

To me this is the best part of it all.