Attention is all you have


In my pursuit for productivity by removing things, items, and tasks everyday, I realized one important thing: Advertisers really really want your attention.

I'm not sure if this is just an American "thing". 

It makes sense, I get it...advertisers need to survive. They have no other option but to rob you of your attention.

This has a negative side effect in that It robs the enjoyment of the present moment. We are seeing showing symptoms of A.D.D. more and more prevalent in our youth. So the real question is are we mindful of our attention? 

Advertisers use devious tactics to influence you to look and feel insufficient - something is missing. When you have it all. All the answers within you, you just have to follow your intuition and do it. 

How do they get you? You are influenced by the perfect relationship like the model in the ad. To receive satisfaction in your life and more awesomeness please send 3 payments of $19.95...act quick because there's only 3 left. 

Advertisers, marketers, and corporations have deep intentions to sell and convert you. Be a consumer purchaser of their products and services. We may find the product useful, but we don't need it to make us a better person. 

Is our attention free? Technically it's not free to an advertiser. For the 2014 Super Bowl Companies paid $4 million per ad. Now that's expensive for attention.

All human experience happens in the present moment. We are living our life story right now...we are the witness in this moment. The master...the author scripting a legacy. How will we be remembered? 

Check out Sam Harris' piece called "it is always now".  I hope it resonates with you as it did with me. 

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