#046: Make your HABITS into LAWS

 "Everything in nature goes by law, and not by luck." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy New Year.  

As English is one of the lowest vibration languages in the world, a lot of human feeling is lost in language. That’s why we need new language to define our world.  

Why are New Years resolution such a big thing?

Because the New Year is a PERMISSION SLIP for us, because we perceive that “we have more time, 1 whole year to reach our goals”.

It gives us a clean slate. It allows us to LET GO of last year.  

But the problems and frustrations we face today is our focus becomes distracted by our environment, internal chatter from the past, and our digital external world.

We point our energy and life journey to people and experiences that rob us from our long-term highest potential.

It’s a death by 1000 paper cuts. 

So the question becomes, how can we implement and integrate our goals for fitness, finance, relationships, etc.?

How can change happen faster? How can habit building happen faster?  


Read the Amazon Letters to the Shareholders (probably the best business content online), and it reads like the laws of a religion. 

But what about being an awesome renegade and breaking the rules to be different?

This is where we should embrace our own idea of law, not what society tells you what law is. 

Let’s dig deeper.  

I am currently in deep study of the 36,000 year old Emerald Tablets written by Thoth.

  • “Consider ALL IS LAW, only hidden to man, by his senses” (we can’t sense law, but we can perceive it in our mind)

Thoth was a record keeper, writer, scribe and The Atlantean King. He was a real person and deserves his own series of blog posts.

He wore many hats, but was considered to be one of the few in his royal bloodline to educate the humans of his time with knowledge so they could raise themselves out of bondage.

I want to focus on THOTH mentions LAW and ORDER throughout the book. But never mentions self discipline or habits like all the self help books between 1920-Present. 

  • “Only through LAW, is freedom from men” (law creates order and allows people to be free)

He reminds us to move in the right direction toward “THE LIGHT” through wisdom. Man is a bright shining star in the darkness of this world. 

The more I read it, the more I understand how humans function with nature. 

Again in the book... 


However Thoth mentions LAW and ORDER many times.

  • “Only by ORDER, are you one with the all” (putting things in order, you are merging with the one infinite energy that runs our universe)

He goes as far as stating when you find the highest potential of mankind, you will always find LAW and ORDER.

What happened to habits? This is where I shifted from saying “HABITS” to “LAWS”

The problem and frustration

Personally, it’s easy for me to start something new, but it takes a lot of “NOT DOING THE DISTRACTION THING” to project energy on what I SHOULD BE DOING.  

We all know how that feels.

Browsing online when we should be doing something that matters.

I had a realization that connected the dots for me. 

According to the author of the book eMyth, owners of McDonald’s franchises know that at the end of the day, the most valuable part of the business, is the McDonald’s system. 

But what about life?

 Making tough things an INSTINCT

To build a new habit in your life, first comes action.

Then done repeatedly, comes habit 22-66 days later. This is well known in mainstream psychology.

Then after Day 66 comes instinct. Now you’re trying to build on instinct. Think Jordan. Kobe.

  • “Be a channel of order, a pathway of law to the world“ -Thoth

Doing things consistently, is where quantum change happens in our lives.

So we could say, a new habit (CAUSE), is a system for humans, to create massive change in their lives (EFFECT) over small increments.

Cause and effect.  

Simple laws of physics.

It’s easy to break a habit.

It’s easy to break the rules of a system.

Once in a while, at McDonald’s I might not flip a burger when I should. I might not pull out the fries so they burn. 

But what if you made it against the law. Your law.

You raise the stakes.

1. Problem: low energy levels from toxic food.

Personal law: eating junk food is breaking the law. Create a healthy food bag every night so I can eat before I get hungry. 

2. Problem: no time for daily blog post

Personal law: it’s against my personal law to not post. 

3. Problem: Spend 15 mins in the morning getting gas causing late appointment.

Personal law: If my tank is under 10%, fill my gas the night before. 

I use Coach.Me mobile app track my break the chain habit.  

Why should I wait 22-66 days for my daily post to become a habit? Why not make it a law today?

As a law, you are telling yourself and others that you’re serious. There’s no wishing it will happen. It’s a law. You can integrate right away.

Nature functions in laws. You’re moving to the rhythm of the invisible energy around you.

Note: it will still take the 22-66 days to build into your subconscious. 

For me, I don’t like rules, but if it’s a law, it means something serious to me, and especially others.  

See your inner power by re-defining habits into personal laws.