#009: Endings Are New Beginnings

2015 was a big shift.

In 2015, I started a daily posting challenge.

That lead to 94 posts by June 18, 2015.

I had a 58% success rate for smashing that publish button.

The ending was abrupt. Here’s why.

The New Beginning

This year was a big transition in my life energetically.

This was when my last blog ended. I even took it down for a bit.

But my son as a baby was high needs compared to my daughter. He would cry throughout the night and all times during the day. We later found that he was having issues with water in his ears, and we did a surgery that corrected it. Since then, he's grown so much. Totally different personality than my daughter. He's the sidekick type. Loves to be around people. Loves to follow the leaders and help out. He likes to cook, work the laundry, and work with tools and he's only 3.

His growth took a lot out of us at the time and my attention shifted in getting things in order and for their well-being.

I also felt that I was revealing too much. What would corporations think? Will they think I’m weird? Will they get scared to work with me? So I went private.

It felt like it was the best decision at the time but I felt something wasn’t right.

I Failed.

In my heart, I always knew I broke a promise to myself. What I would say to myself was that “I had to take care of my family”.

But that was a lie. It was a cover up.

I could’ve published a one word post.

Or string together a few words into a sentence. Maybe throw in an image.

It was a failure that took me a few years to realize.

Get up. Start again.

Here we are at post #009.

The chain of posts motivates me to create a sequence of daily posts.

This is a new reality for me.

Why do it? I want my thoughts in my own blog with no distraction. My ecosystem with no outside influence.

Why? It’s beyond words, one day we will know.

There will be a day that I will never post again.

But for now I will be here. Follow along.

A story will reveal it self.