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Installing security cameras at your Airbnb

Just thought I would chime in…

Recently we had a guest steal multiple flat screen TV’s. They also trashed the property.

For our insurance claim, with camera footage, we should have all the evidence we need on date and time of when the items were stolen. when filing the insurance claim. Hopefully we get compensation.

If you are a host or just a person that loves security, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you install cameras at the entrance/exits of your property. They are very affordable and easy to install with streaming capabilities.

In a future post, I will share some of the WIFI streaming cameras that worked for us. Finding a good spot with power is also important. These cameras allow you to view all the action from a webpage.

Does it really matter?

I tackle with this idea all the time. The things I do on a day-to-day basis, what’s the purpose of it all? I wonder if what I do matters?

What I’ve learned is it’s about finding what matters specifically to you.

Does what you do matter to you? Or are you reacting to the noise around you?

Once we figure out what’s important to us, it’s no longer about “does it matter”?


..and if everything becomes irrelevant tomorrow, what would you do?

It would only become irrelevant because you decided it was irrelevant.


My deluded desire?

I wanted to follow a desire. What I felt I wanted at the time.

It was a nostalgic feeling I had from when I was 5 years old. That Coca Cola’s just so good with ice on a hot day.

Did I fall for the marketing hype? Maybe.  They get us when we’re young, don’t they?

So I had a soda everyday for 30 days.

I’m on a streak. $0.99 at 7-Eleven and a buck at McDonald’s. Who’s going to stop me? I’m free, I do what I want. 

I gained 10 pounds.

Did I enjoy the icy soda and its sugary high fructose corn syrup? Yes.

Did I enjoy the extra 10 pounds of body weight? No. I realized this desire was not in sync to the wholeness of my body.

My desire deluded me.

I am in control of my HIS-story?

I woke up today remembering a strange experiment.

The basic premise is this, the stories we tell ourselves, is how we see the world.


The history of Earth, is merely an interpretation of the person telling it. Could a '‘custom'“ history benefit the person telling it? Maybe guide you towards what they want you to believe?


How does this matter to you?

In the experiment…

Person A and Person B go to the same gas station and experience the same thing. The only difference was their story of what they experienced.

Person A describes a horrible experience, and Person B describes a positive one.

Let’s dig in.

Person A and B are at a gas station and have the same exact experience.


Both show up and both get a full tank of gas.

The clerk collects the cash, deposits to the register, and dials in $50 for pump #1.

Both pump their gas and are on their way. DONE.

Person A felt the gas station clerk was being rude to them, because she didn’t greet them in a jolly way. She wanted the cashier to be extra cheery because Person A loves hospitality.

Person B on the other hand described an overall positive experience. She said the clerk was ‘straight-to-the-point’. She appreciated how the clerk was quick and efficient with her time, which enabled her to get gas and get out quickly. She never mentions that the cashier showed no emotions.

 Perspectives: This is a can of soda, in one direction the can projects a square shadow, in another direction it projects a circle shadow.  

Perspectives: This is a can of soda, in one direction the can projects a square shadow, in another direction it projects a circle shadow.  

Person A chose to describe a negative experience and Person B chose to describe a positive one. Who’s right? Who’s wrong?

We don’t know why they chose different stories, but they did.

Now multiply this by 5.7 billion people...this is the world we live in. So many perspectives of people we don’t know.

Everyone choosing their unique story of what reality is…with the ability to find and meet their own tribe through social media.

 Shift in perspective.  

Shift in perspective.  

It can get overwhelming with billions of perspectives that share this planet we live on.

Our own conscience gets tested at every moment, for what it believes in. 

It’s easy to get lost in other people’s stories when we’re here to write our own and become a party of our own tribe.

That’s when we choose to claim our power.

Perfection is the enemy of good?

I realize that I’m not selling perfect.

I can never let my desire for perfection, prevent myself from finishing something that’s good. 

To finish something imperfectly is to learn from it, so I can move on, to move closer to perfection.

I’m selling interesting.

I’m selling possibility.

I’m selling connection.

Events: Getting LIT in Newport Beach?

Two cool things if you’re in the Orange County area in December. It involves cool lights and awesome scenic spots.

In Newport Beach, they will decorate the Sherman Library & Gardens for the holidays. The Christmas Light Walk will be held from Dec. 14-22. They’re setting up light displays with a hot chocolate bar plus make-your-own s’mores packets. Entry is $10 for non-members (I believe it’s free for members and children under the age of three).


Christmas Light Walk
2647 E Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
949.673.2261 in the morning.

 Sherman Gardens lit up for the holidays

Sherman Gardens lit up for the holidays

 Entry at Sherman Gardens.

Entry at Sherman Gardens.

Also, check out Christmas Boat Parade which will be celebrating between Dec 19-23 this year. You can watch cool decorated canoes, kayaks, yachts and boats sail through a glittering Newport Harbor.


We shouldn’t go below 50F, but you will still need a coat at night.

Are aesthetics important for content creators?

Are aesthetics valuable for your brand?

I remember in the past, thinking all day about what I want to write about. I remember the feeling of excitement while creating the piece of content imaging how it would feel like after I would upload it. I would research the topic, felt confident on what I wrote…I can do this, I thought to myself. But somewhere along the way I get stuck. ”Hmm…something about the way it’s just not perfect”. Then I get tired, fall asleep. Days pass by and I forget the energy that drove me to publish in the first place. Those feelings of excitement become feelings of regret. All because I didn’t post!

So looking back was aesthetics worth it? You know, putting the effort into making my content look great? I say no, it wasn’t. I should’ve just posted.

According to Pat Flynn, aesthetics held him back from growing his YouTube Channel. He said he wanted everything to be perfect before he uploaded any video content. He said the number one reason for doubling his YouTube Subscriber base was uploading consistent videos to YouTube.

In my research, I found many other YouTube video creators describe how uploading consistently was the main reason for channel growth.

Seth Godin says the reason why we're scared to hit the publish button is we fear the world judging us. Might have to remind myself of this post next time I feel stuck.